Vestal CSD

A second-grade boy and girl hand their classes' attendance reports in to Glenwood Elementary School's building secretary Mrs. Lavo. A happy little group of Glenwood Elementary School Kindergarten students occupy themselves in the playroom. Four Glenwood Elementary School third-grade students, a boy and three girls, select books in the school's library to read for fun. The Word Detective of the Super-Secret Detective Agency congratulates a first-grade boy from Glenwood Elementary on using his clues to solve mystery words in the books he reads. A boy examines a piece of paper under the magnifying glass during Chemistry stations presented by Binghamton University's Chemistry Outreach program in November 2017.
Glenwood Elementary School
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Artwork of a brown running bear wearing a green "Vestal" shirt and sneakers with yellow shorts. Calling All Running Bears!
The 2018 Running of the Bears" 5K Walk and Run is scheduled for April 21, 2018, at Vestal High School.
Small calendar page with pencil angled to write on it. Pages shows text that reads "School Calendar Update" in green and red text. Calendar Correction
Parents & Guardians, please note that Friday, March 30, 2018, is a day off for students. It is not reflected in the Parent Calendar that you received in the mail that Spring Break is March 30 - April 6, 2018. 
Updated Information on Water Testing in Glenwood Elementary
Per recent New York State legislation, Vestal Central School District re-tested drinking water in its schools.