Kindergarten Math Party
There was all kinds of bonding going on at the second Tioga Hills Math Party for Kindergarten classes on January 19. Kindergarten parents were invited to Tioga Hills to celebrate math and have fun playing math games with their children! As an added bonus, before the party parents learned a little more about the mathematics' journey that their children will be taking in the coming years. Parents got a glimpse of how instruction that their children receive one year will connect to curriculum the next year... and how math models like number bonds will help strengthen those connections. They also received tips on how to help their children build a positive mindset, not just in math, but in all subjects.

Some Tioga Hills fifth-graders patiently filled in for Kindergarten parents whose schedules did not allow them to come that afternoon. The fifth-grade students paired up with Kindergarten students to practice number bonds and play other fun math games.

Math parties are also taking place at other schools in the district. In addition, at Tioga Hills we hope to plan a first-grade Math Party in the coming months.
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