"Taste of A.R.E.:" A passport to cultures around the world

A celebration of the senses, African Road Elementary's second annual Taste of ARE glittered with colorful Indian saris, Japanese kimonos, Pakistani salwar keemz and more. And the delicious aroma of native cuisines from around the world scented the air in the Vestal Middle School cafeteria on January 24, 2018.

Just a sampling of the foods served included baba ganoush from Lebanon, dolmas from Kurdistan, chocolate chip cookies from the USA, chocolate mousse from France, mshabek from Jordan, paprhi chaat from Pakistan, pierogies from Poland and potica from Slovenia. There were many types of baklava from different countries, including baklava made with pistachios from Turkey!

Altogether over 25 African Road Elementary families representing 20 different countries participated in this event sponsored by the African Road PTA. The countries included Bangladesh, Brazil, China, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Sudan, Turkey and the United States.

The taste of ARE event began last year as a way to celebrate the global culture and traditions represented at the school through the sharing of cuisines from around the world. 

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