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It's Our Turn! Grades K - 2 enjoy their own science fun.
Students in Kindergarten through second grades learned how to complete an electrical circuit using Play-Doh to construct conductors and insulators. The MakerSpace activities took place the mornings of January 25 and 26. In addition to teaching the children about electricity, how it flows through a loop, and circuit basics, the activity also served to spark their imaginations. With the school's "Wonder, Explore and Create Fair" coming up on February 23, Glenwood staff are trying to instill in the students a desire to be Makers, Inventors, Designers and Problem-solvers. 

The children watched a short video before they got out the Play-Doh. In addition to teaching them about conductors and insulators, it also emphasized the importance of perseverance when you are creating. They knew the answer when this question came up in the video, "What do Makers do when their plans don't work the first time?.. "

The students answered, "They try again!" 

Not only was creating Play-Doh circuits fun, it also helped them practice their collaborative skills. Another short video at the end reminded them of the scientific protocol their teachers and staff hope the students will exercise when developing their own project for the Wonder, Explore and Create Fair. They hope they will learn to "think, make, improve and share" some wonderful ideas of their own.