Vestal CSD

IB Courses

English HL (2 years)

All Languages

  • Spanish HL/SL (2 years)
  • French HL/SL (2 years)
  • German HL/SL (2 years)

Economics SL (1 year)

History of Americas HL (2 years; First year is AP U.S. History)

Psychology SL (1 year)
Biology SL (1 year)
Chemistry SL (1 year)

Chemistry HL (Second year of two-year sequence)

Physics SL (1 year)

Physics HL (Second year of two-year sequence)

Environmental Systems & Societies SL (1 year)

Math HL (2 years)

Math SL (2 years)

Math Studies SL (1.5 years)
Visual Arts SL, Research (1 year)

Visual Arts HL, Studio (2 years)

Music SL (1 year with Music Theory prerequisite)

Music HL (Second year of two-year sequence.) 
Computer Science SL (1 year with prerequisite)

Theory of Knowledge (2 semesters) - spring of junior year & fall of senior year.

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AP Courses
  • AP® US History (1 year)

  • AP® European History (1 year)

  • AP® Biology (1 year w/pre req)

  • AP® Chemistry 
  •     (1 year w/ IB Chem SL pre req)

  • AP® Physics 1

  • AP® Physics 2
  •     (1 year w/ IB Physics 1 pre req)

  • AP® Calculus (1 year)

  • AP® Computer Science (1 year)
  • Excelsior College Course
    Anatomy & Physiology (1 year)
    Project Lead the Way
    Introduction to Engineering Design
    Principles of Engineering
    Civil Engineering & Architecture
    Digital Electronics
    Engineering Design & Development 
    SUNY Environmental Science/Forestry
    IB Environmental Systems
    SUNY Broome's Fast Forward
    IB/AP® Computer Science
    IB French 
    Graphic Design
    IB Spanish