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Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Requests

Late Arrival & Early Dismissal Request Form
Early Dismissal Privilege – Juniors and Seniors who have no assigned classes during Period 9, or Periods 8 and 9 are eligible for early dismissal.
Late Arrival Privilege – Juniors and Seniors who have no assigned classes during Period 1 or Periods 1 and 2 are eligible for late arrival. 
Please Note: Early dismissal and late arrival will be based on parental permission and the approval of the Assistant Principals' Office and Counseling and Guidance Office.
Students granted early dismissal are to exit the building after their final scheduled class and must leave the high school campus.
Students with late arrival must check into the Attendance Office every day. Students who are absent from school for any reason must submit a parent note on the day they return to school. In addition, parents are to call the Attendance Office at 757-2246 to report their child's absence. 
Late arrival or early dismissal privileges will be revoked, or not granted, based on the following criteria:
  • Failing grades in one of more courses
  • 20 or more incidents of being late to school 
  • Chronic unexcused absences from class
  • Chronic unexcused absences from school
*Certain aspects of these late arrival and early dismissal procedures only apply to the 2020-2021 school year and the unique circumstances of the moment.

PLEASE NOTE: An email will be sent to your parent/guardian. Your request will not be granted until we receive a response from them approving this request.

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