Elementary students honor Patriot Day
Patriot Day 2018 was honored at schools across the Vestal Central School District with a moment of silence. At Glenwood and Tioga Hills Elementary Schools, students and staff held ceremonies as well, with Cub Scouts solemnly conducting the flag raising at each school.
Students also shared what the day meant to them. "When I think of the "Pledge of Allegiance," said Zoe Bolynn, a fifth-grader at Tioga Hills, "I think of freedom, independence and thankfulness for the leaders and soldiers who fought for this."
Special guests at Glenwood Elementary's ceremony were members of the Vestal Fire Department. In full dress uniform, they flanked Cub Scouts from Pack 243 who carried the folded flag out to the school's flag pole. Fire trucks were lined up in the background as the Scouts raised the flag to half-mast.
 Fan favorites Mr. Howell and Mr. Doolittle performed "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless the USA" at Tioga Hills Elementary as students and staff sang along. 
These tributes help our students recognize the sacrifice that fellow Americans have made for our country and our freedom.
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