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Professional Development

Professional Development & Curriculum

Professional development is the coordination of all district stakeholders around the process of continuous learning to sustain and expand a captivating environment of learning. Monitoring and maintaining vertical and horizontal alignment of curriculum and instruction is a fundamental focus of professional and curriculum development. To this end, professional development represents the continuous learning of teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals to achieve this core belief. Continuous learning, therefore, is not an option, but an expectation.

Dynamic Process

The Vestal Central School District operates on the belief that professional development is a dynamic process shaped by the coordination of feedback among all district stakeholders. Four essential qualities of the Vestal professional learning community are at the core of this dynamic process:

Captivating Instruction

  • Engaging, lively authentic curriculum and instruction that captures our students' hearts and minds is the core of our school district's instructional program. All professional development promotes the development and sustenance of captivating instruction. 

Coherent Curriculum

  • The structure of the curriculum requires vertical alignment of content, concepts and skills to maximize each student's capacity to receive, internalize and apply core knowledge and understanding. 

Congruent Instructional Practices

  • Instructional practices withing each discipline and grade level are strengthened by the alignment of congruent instructional practices through the ongoing development and sharing of common language, concepts and goals for student learning and achievement.

Collaborative Energy

  • Intellectual communities that promote high-level discourse, thoughtful consideration of student work and data-informed practices result from a climate of collaboration and mutual respect. Collaboration among all stakeholders is the foundation for professional development necessary to foster an instructional model that is captivating, coherent and congruent.
The professional Development Plan continues to evolve as the program grows and matures. For the latest model of professional development in the Vestal Central School District, please see the link in the right menu. 
Dr. Patrick Clarke, III
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