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Capital Project

Proposed Capital Improvement Project

Residents of the Vestal Central School District authorized a Capital Improvement Project to benefit students with a vote that took place on December 14, 2022. 
The improvements proposed will promote the safety and security of our school environment and enrich Vestal's educational setting. In addition, due to state building aid and capital reserve funds, this project will have NO additional tax impact on residents. This project includes site work, interior upgrades and building system updates or repairs. 

Proposed Classroom addition to Vestal Middle School

As our student population at Vestal Middle School has increased, the need for additional classroom space has risen to the top of our capital improvement project list. A proposed two-story, six-classroom addition for VMS located behind the African Road complex would give the District greater control over class sizes. Outdoor classroom spaces would further enhance our students' educational experience.

Proposed enhancement to Dave Sammon Field

A proposed multi-purpose turf field to be installed at Dave Sammon Field would safely extend practice seasons for various sports and provide additional options for community use.
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