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School Nurses

Vestal School Nurses

Welcome to the Vestal Health Offices' page! We are happy to take care of the students of the Vestal Central School District. 
Better Health = Better Learning!

African Road School Nurse

Karen Carr, African Road Elementary School Nurse
Phone: 607-757-2313 / Health Office FAX: 757-3725

Clayton Avenue School Nurse

Clayton Avenue Elementary School Nurse Lynne Dutkowsky
Phone: 607-757-2274 / Health Office FAX: 757-2372

Glenwood School Nurse

Glenwood Elementary School Nurse Heather Kirchheimer with a Golden Retriever dog.
Phone: 607-757-2293 / Health Office FAX: 757-2233

Tioga Hills School Nurse

Jane Miller, Tioga Hills Elementary School Nurse
Jane Miller, RN/BSN 
Phone: 607-757- 2268 / Health Office FAX: 757-3686

Vestal Hills School Nurse

Phone: 607-757-2256 / Health Office FAX: 757-3754

Vestal Middle School Nurse

Vestal Middle School Nurse Michelle Hroncich.
Phone: 607-757-2334 / Health Office FAX: 757-3713 

Vestal High School Nurses

Vestal High School Nurses Aishia Mortenson and Rebecca Sefton
Phone: 607-757-2280 / Health Office FAX: 757-2248

District Nurse

Marina Evanoika, RN
Phone: 607-757-2334 / FAX: 607-757-3713

Kylieray Hines, RN
Phone: 607-757-2256 / FAX: 607-757-3754
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