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Three Vestal Middle School boys practicing their trumpets sit facing their music teacher, who is playing a clarinet. Two sixth-grade boys working in the Vestal Middle School student store show two girls a green Vestal hoodie and a bookbag from behind the counter. Three Vestal Middle School boys laugh after tossing three paper plates topped with shaving cream at two teachers (off-camera) with blobs of shaving cream floating in the air in front of them. Two sixth-grade boys on either side of an open locker laugh together during Sixth-grade Orientation in August 2019. A middle school girl wearing safety glasses pours cabbage juice into a tall test tube while a second girl watches during science labs in Mrs. Skinners classroom. A stream of Vestal Middle School students come from lined up buses down the sidewalk on the first day of school, September 2019. Two Middle School boys, backs to the camera, wearing safety glasses squeeze a zip-lock baggie with a white substance in it during a science lab. Three Vestal Middle School girls holding plates of shaving cream, ready to launch at a couple of their teachers (off screen). Vestal Middle School students perform as a string quartet at the start of the Holiday Concert for Senior Citizens in the African Road Auditorium on December 13, 2019.
Vestal Middle School News
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Green V over a round beige background. Vestal Central Schools need Teacher & Teacher Aide Substitutes
Vestal Central School District is in need of Teacher Substitutes and Teacher Aide Substitutes throughout the district. If you are interested, please click these links: Teacher Substitutes & Teacher Aide Substitutes  
Artwork of a brown running bear wearing a green "Vestal" shirt and sneakers with yellow shorts. Calling All Running Bears!
The 2020 Running of the Bears" 5K Walk and Run is scheduled for March 28, 2020, at Vestal High School.
Holiday Concert spreads the sounds of joy
 Vestal Middle School's music ensembles welcomed area senior citizens to the African Road Auditorium for the seventh annual Holiday Concert for Senior Citizens on December 13. 
Artist child Eighth-grade Student wins American Chemical Society Illustrated Poetry Contest
Out of 82 local entries, Vestal Middle School eighth-grader Yejun Yun's illustrated poem took first place in our region in the American Chemical Society's (ACS) contest through Binghamton University. He received a certificate, and his poem has been sent up to national level for judging!
Family I D (identification) logo with the Golden bear head snuggled inside the letter D. Golden Bear Athletes can register online!
We're excited to announce that, beginning October 12, 2019, Vestal Golden Bear Athletics is now offering the convenience of online registration through Family ID.