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Kindergarten classes are involved in a sweet project

Kindergarten classes at Clayton Avenue are collecting Valentine cards from all over the country. The idea started when Mrs. Gorman saw a postcard project that another school was doing in one of her teacher groups. Since Valentine's Day was coming up, she adjusted it to this holiday and decided to see if the Kindergarten classes could collect Valentines from each of the 50 states!

The Kindergarten team asked their CAE families to create posts on Facebook asking people to send their students a little love, and to also share the post with family and friends. To date, all three classes (Mrs. Fendick, Ms. Young and Mrs. Gorman) have received over 100 Valentines and are now receiving cards from all over the world!

Mrs. Gorman said that they are using this project to practice a variety of academic skills... The students are practicing math skills by tallying the number of cards. They are identifying letters by finding states on their personal maps. Of course, their reading skills are getting a great workout as they identify sight words on the cards they receive. 

In addition, many senders are including facts about the state and/or city in which they live, and so the Kindergartners have been learning about other areas of the country. In return, any school or class that sends them a Valentine is getting one back with information about our area, so that they can share a bit about Vestal with the rest of the country. 

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