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First-Graders go on a Super-Secret Reading Mission

Glenwood First-Graders embarked on a clandestine mission to the Super-Secret Detective Agency, where they were greeted by Detective Reads-A-Lot. In addition to being congratulated on their good habits for solving hard words, the Word Detectives were ready for a super-secret assignment. 

While they waited for their mission, they were read a story by Detective Reads-A-Lot - "Should I Share My Ice Cream" by Mo Willems. Working together, they helped her decipher the tricky words in this story, recognizing vowel teams, letter blends, and snap words. 

Finally, a large manila envelope arrived bearing clues to a riddle that would help them solve the super-secret assignment. Working in teams of reading buddies, they examined the word clues to put together the sentence "There is a surprise waiting for you outside the classroom door!"

Suddenly, they were joined by Sir Bookworm, head of the Super-Secret Detective Agency. HE was the surprise waiting outside the door. He asked the first-graders to help him with one last, super-important task... Could they help him find his missing snap words?* The first-graders eagerly agreed and quickly found the missing words stuck to the back of the absent-minded detective's brown cape. 

Before they headed back to their school on the bus, they received their rewards... bookmarks, reading glasses, and finger flashlights.

*Snap Words, also known as Sight Words, include "the," "and," "is," "in," "it," "to," "was," and "you."

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