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Vestal Central Schools Staff Directory

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Beverly Atwood
Special Education Secretary
Andrew Blaine
Director of Instruction
Patrick Clarke III
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Mandy DuCreay
Personnel - Staff Onboarding
Christopher Duffy
Performing Arts Production Asst
Angelia Eggleston
Assistant Director of Special Education
Sarah Evans
Literacy Specialist
Regina Felice
Public Information Coordinator
Brian Fowler
Coordinator of Special Education
Dale Frisbie
School Bus Route Coordinator
Jed Frost
Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations
Jim Gana
Interim Director of Facilities & Operations
Clifford Kasson
Heather Kennedy
Personnel - Payroll
Michelle Lewis
Superintendent's Secretary/District Clerk
Keliann Mazikewich
Director of Instruction
Katherine Mazourek
Director of Special Education
Soni Murphy
Professional Learning/UPK Program Senior Typist
Joan Pokorak
Math Specialist
Heather Pufky
Director of Personnel & Administrative Services
District Registration
Travis Robinson
Associate Coordinator for Managed Technology Services
Angela Rogers
School Business Executive
Danielle Rogers
Personnel - Board Appointments
Dylan Ruffo
Instructional Office Senior Typist
Michelle Schaub
Desktop Publishing Secretary
Kenneth Starr
Transportation Supervisor
Jennifer Weston
Administrator for Managed Technology Services
Stacy Wickham
Personnel - Benefits
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