Voice Recognition

Leadership Initiative

Vestal High School Leadership Portfolio


This portfolio is a summary of your leadership development during your four years at Vestal High School.
It should document all of the experiences which contribute to your personal growth, your school and your community.   The activities listed should serve as a guide to help you monitor your leadership development and foster a well-rounded high school experience.

Leadership is a quality which will help you and those around you in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to school work.  The Leadership Portfolio will help you identify and take advantage of opportunities that can foster your leadership skills.

This portfolio will assist you in recognizing and recording soft “life” skills.  The transcript records your academic accomplishment and the Leadership Portfolio will record your “softer” skills.   For example, soft skills include personal characteristics such as empathy, compassion and risk-taking; skills that are often not so black and white.

Be sure to circle or fill in your current and past activities.


  • To provide evidence of high school leadership opportunities and the development of a mentor/mentee relationship.
  • To practice the leadership skills of goal setting, planning
    and reflection.
  • To record and monitor continuous leadership accomplishments.
  • To encourage a well-balanced, open-minded and diverse community.
  • To promote service to others through our school, community and world.
  • To foster the collective ability to lead that exists within us.
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